Every week the ASU achieves wins for members in workplaces across Victoria and Tasmania. 

Recently, thanks to the ASU, six educators at Glenorchy City Council’s Berriedale and Benjafield long day education and care centres moved from insecure work to permanent jobs.

Sometimes wins come from successful bargaining or from advocating for an individual ASU member. And sometimes wins come from just saying NO.

When Glenorchy City Council recently proposed to offer long term employees at the Berriedale and Benjafield long day education and care centres another fixed-term contract, ASU organiser Karen Tantari said NO.

She worked with the ASU legal team, put an interpretation of the enterprise agreement to council management, and convinced management of ASU members’ right to be offered permanent positions. And she won.

This means secure jobs for ASU members who had been living with the uncertainty of fixed-term contracts.

Whenever there is an attempt to keep workers in contract positions when they should have permanent jobs, the ASU will say NO.

If there are contract positions at your workplace that you believe should be converted to permanent position, contact your ASU organiser or the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or info@asuvictas.com.au

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