The Australian Services Union has welcomed findings of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System that focus on the importance of community mental health services.

Community Mental Health Support Workers provide wellbeing support to people on their recovery journey and help them navigate the complex system of mental health services.

Investing in high quality and accessible community based psychosocial mental health services will fill a critical gap in Victoria’s current system of supports for people living with mental illness.

Members of the Australian Services Union across the whole social and community services sector each day see the desperate need for improvements to our mental health system, and the commissioners have seen that too.

The Australian Services Union looks forward to working with the Andrews Government as the recommendations of the royal commission are implemented.

Delivering the wellbeing services detailed through the royal commission report will require skilled Community Mental Health Support Workers.

Community Mental Health Support Workers help take the pressure off other parts of the mental health system and, more importantly, improve the lives of many Victorians.

The ASU will make sure Community Mental Health Support Worker’s voices are heard through this process.

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