The ASU can finally reveal the gains we have achieved for staff under our Memorandum of Understanding with the Victorian Government.

Make no mistake the decision to privatise Vicroads is a terrible idea. The ASU has opposed it every step of the way, but we have also sought to ensure that when it does happen, that staff will go across on the best terms possible.

ASU will be holding members meetings to discuss these changes.

DATE: Friday 17 September
TIME: 9.30am

DATE: Friday 17 September
TIME: 12.30pm

Key features of the MOU are;

  • A $2000* sign-on bonus for staff on transfer to the Joint Venture
  • A $10,000* incentive payment three months after transfer to the JV
  • A further $10,000* incentive payment 24 months after transfer to the JV
  • All terms and conditions from EA9 locked in
  • A guaranteed position for all VicRoads staff, locked in for a minimum of three years
  • No changes to existing work location arrangements
  • Continuity of service – all leave balances to transfer across
  • Defined benefits superannuation to be maintained for staff currently in DB schemes
  • Commitment to comply with Gender Equality legislation
  • All Workcover liabilities to transfer to the JV
  • A right of return and redeployment to the public sector, including access to the Public Service Job Skills Exchange
  • An agreed, fair job matching process

*Pro-rata for part-time staff

None of this would have been possible without the outstanding and tireless work of your union delegates.

Today you will be receiving information about the MOU and the process from Management.

Please distribute this newsletter to your colleagues, display it in your office and talk to your colleagues about the role the union has played in securing these conditions. There’s never been a more important time to join the ASU.

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