The ASU has been made aware of the possibility that some members may not have had access to the proposed Brimbank Agreement prior to casting their vote in the recent ballot.

It is a requirement under s.180 of the Fair Work Act that employees either be given, or have access to, a copy of the agreement throughout 7-days prior to the voting process.

Given the close result, even a relatively small number of employees not having reasonable access to these documents might be grounds to challenge the outcome of the ballot.

You can read Brimbank’s explanation of the steps they took to meet this requirement here.

What we need from you
If you believe you did not have reasonable access to these documents throughout the recent access period, email an explanation of why you believe that to ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry on before 4pm this Friday 10 June 2022.

Please make sure you have read the attached document, and that you did not have reasonable access to the documents, before reaching this conclusion. Getting flooded with unlikely or vague claims will only make it more difficult to determine whether there are grounds for a legitimate challenge to the ballot outcome.

Once any responses have been analysed the ASU legal team will form a view around whether there are grounds to challenge the ballot. If there are, we’ll let you know.

Votes are won and lost on the number of union members in a workplace. To avoid the pain of losing a close vote, encourage a workmate to join the ASU today at

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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