Following the members meeting on 12 August at the Fitzroy Library to discuss concerns regarding the RDO proposal in detail, the ASU and library delegate Marlo met with HR and library management to come to an agreement.

On the 12 August members expressed that they were satisfied with the principle of the arrangement, but had 3 mains concerns, as below:

  1. The hours be spread over the fortnight (proposal currently spread over 1 week)
    Management response: Management have agreed to this in principle understanding compressing the hours over 1 week will be too hard for some
  2. The RDO to be the day staff are currently working the shortest hours: i.e. if the shortest day currently worked is the Tuesday then the Tuesday would be the RDO.
    Management response: This will be looked at and considered, however may not be possible for all operationally but management undertook that they will take on this feedback.
  3. Marlo be included in the development of the rosters
    Management responses: Management were not particularly in support of this suggestion but took it on notice and will consider.

An email will be sent out to staff with the updated proposal and rosters to come. Staff can opt in or out of the arrangement given they have a conversation with their manager.

If members have any issue or concern with the roster, the ASU encourages them to speak to the team leader in the first instance.

If further advice is needed please contact:
ASU delegate Marlo Rule or
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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