The parties met again with a specific emphasis on two clauses: Workforce size, and the consultation provisions of the agreement.

Management are proposing to remove the existing provisions, effectively ending the no-compulsory redundancy provisions for those engaged directly under the EA. This proposal was rejected by the ASU and management have gone off to reconsider their position but without abandoning this as a claim. Further discussion is scheduled for next week.

In terms of consultation, management have agreed to restore direct consultation with the Unions, without the need for employees to nominate a union as their representative. Why this change was proposed is unclear.

Management have also put forward a proposed annual quantum increase of 3.5% per annum. This is a without prejudice offer and further detail needs to be explored in relation to this. Members would be aware that we are seeking six monthly instalments on any quantum increase. That said, the annual  3.5% seems to mirror what is taking place in other negotiations in the industry with the same figure going to a vote by ETU members at Citipower/Powercor this week.

The major outstanding points to be determined relate to the Workforce Size provisions and to the translation of the existing roles and pay points into the classification structure. Once we have management’s position and a clear mapping of current roles.  There are also a number of other issues in terms of payment parity being explored. We will be seeking your feedback via a member’s meeting. hopefully in the latter part of next week.

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