Two Important events occurred yesterday, the rejection of the UFU’s attempt to stop the ballot on the CFA PTA Agreement and the release of key findings from the report by Dr Helen Szoke into the CFA’s culture.

Both of these events occurred because ASU members and delegates stood up to make the CFA a better place to work

In dismissing the UFU’s application to stop the ballot, Judge Hespe dismissed the UFU’s argument as “not a strong one” and their application having a “weak prima facie case”.

The ASU supports the decision and ASU members’ rights to vote on their conditions of employment. You can download the Federal Court judgement here.

Remember to vote YES in the PTA Agreement ballot to send a strong message that CFA employees support the agreement.

In further positive news, a summary and key findings from the report on the CFA’s culture has been released.

This report only came about because ASU members pushed for the workplace culture at the CFA to be reexamined after the legal suppression of a previous report.

These ASU members acted in the very best tradition of the union movement by bravely fighting for a safe workplace.

The ASU expects the report to be just the first step in positive change at the CFA.

You can download the summary report here.

For further information please contact
ASU organiser Matt Price |

PS: If you are employed under the CFA PTA  Agreement, make sure you vote YES in the ballot that closed on Monday 27 June.

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