Based on the serious concerns of ASU members, the union raised a dispute with Eastern Regional Libraries over the proposal to reduce hours and pay by 20%.

The first step in the dispute was discussions between your ASU representatives, ERL management and their representatives.

After these discussions, ERL management decided to refer the matter to the Fair Work Commission for assistance.

The outcome of the Fair Work Commission process was an agreement between the ASU and ERL that:

  • it would be a voluntary process of reducing hours and pay, and
  • employees would not be pressured to reduce their hours

This process recognises some employees may be open to reducing their hours by more than that 20%

If ERL does not achieve its desired reduction through this process, there is still an active dispute and the ASU will have further discussions with ERL.

As part of the discussion at the Fair Work Commission, The ASU and ERL agreed to release a joint communique.

This joint communique was the notice provided by ERL with the agreement of the ASU.

The notice included some notable changes from the initial proposal.

These changes include making it clearer that the process of reducing hours is voluntary, and the removal of a reference to an end date of September 2020.

Removing the reference to an end date is based on our understanding advice will be received for libraries to re-open much earlier than September.

This isn’t an ideal situation. However, the compromise recognises some members felt strongly about different aspects of ERL’s original proposal.

Importantly, ERL agrees that the process of any reduced hours, in the first instance, is voluntary.

The ASU’s position is you have no obligation to sign or return the document regarding a reduction of hours if you do not want to reduce your hours and pay.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer | 0427 610 148 |

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