With the rotating door of managers and HR at Darebin there’s been a lot changing, but one thing that’s consistent is the ASU advocating on behalf of members.


We have constructed a comprehensive Log of Claims in consultation with ASU members. Management seems keen to avoid negotiations but haven’t put anything worthwhile on the table to entice a roll-over. Keep an eye out for updates about this.


For over 2 years management have been trying to strip vehicles from staff with private/commuter access. They have tried bribery, intimidation, harassment, and pushing through policy change. None of it worked, and the ASU continues to fight these unfair changes.

We went to the Fair Work Commission last week, and consultation over the next two weeks before we’re back at FWC. There are still several legal avenues to pursue unless Darebin sees sense and lets staff keep their entitlements.

We’re also talking to a few Councillors about how their views are being skewed to strip worker conditions.

Covid Leave

You have access to Covid leave if you have used all your personal leave entitlements. If you have had to take leave due to Covid, you may be entitled to this. If you have problems accessing it, let your ASU Delegate know.

Recognition of Service

Darebin have still not caught up on recognising the service of those whose tenure came up during Covid. The ASU will keep pushing this issue until they have, it’s really the least they can do!

Managing Excess Leave

This seems to be the latest management focus. Make sure you read the EBA clause and relevant policy, you have rights, they can’t just force you to take your leave!

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Luke Cherry | ASU Lead Organiser | lcherry@asuvictas.com.au

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