EBA negotiations continue with ASU Delegates and officials negotiating hard to get the best outcome for members. We know negotiations have dragged on, but results are being realised.

During the last few weeks, the ASU withdrew a large number of smaller claims which you told us (at member meetings across Council) that you’re happy to drop if management improves their offer.

What items are outstanding?
The two biggest items affecting all staff are the wage increase and dispute resolution clause.

Management agreed to remove consent arbitration from your dispute clause. This is a significant change that will stop your dispute resolution process from being one of the worst in Victoria. However, they want to reduce the scope of what you can dispute, for no good reason. The ASU told management to leave the scope how it is and not to limit your rights to scrutinise their actions.

We continue to get small increases in the pay offer, but we’re not quite there yet. The ASU told Banyule they should be offering at least 2% per year, and the pay increases MUST be linked to the rate cap as a safety net, so if the rate cap goes over 2% so does your increase.

We CAN NOT compromise on these positions.

There are a number of issues outstanding; in late 2021 there were over 50 items to negotiate, now there are around 10. We’re getting close, but we can’t blink on the important issues remaining.

New ASU Delegates
Congratulations to Chris Priestley and Paul Rogers, two new ASU Delegates at Central Depot, for stepping up to fill big shoes and support the ASU members there.

If you are interested in becoming an ASU Delegate, contact ASU Organiser Luke Cherry on lcherry@asuvictas.com.au

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