Under new local and branch level leadership the reinvigorated ASU Vic/Tas Tasmanian team have been very busy kicking some big industrial and membership growth goals over the last few months!


ASU in Tasmania is certainly seeing the benefits of improved support and resourcing including the addition of a new Tasmanian Growth and Campaigns role.


Since these changes were implemented in July we have seen consistent membership growth across our broad areas of coverage.


As you can see from the graph below we have achieved significant membership growth since July 2018, arresting the consistent decline in membership experienced over the past few years.


Bargaining across all ASU sectors in our state is seeing Tasmanian Organisers Jess Cassidy, Karen Tantari, Aaron De La Torre and Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman achieve some great outcomes.


These positive outcomes have resulted in Tasmanian ASU members benefiting from above average pay increases and a broad range of improved provisions with a focus on ensuring EA Dispute Resolution and Consultation provisions are rock solid. We have also successfully negotiated between 10 and 20 Days Family Violence leave into a number of agreements.


Seranna Shutt, our new Growth and Campaigns Organiser,  working in conjunction with our team of Industrial Organisers, has been working hard to grow our membership and improve the ASU profile in Tasmania by holding countless workplace visits and inductions as well as attending staff meetings and workplace training sessions across the state.


As per usual the Tasmanian ASU team is assisting members with a multitude of individual and collective issues on a day to day basis achieving successful outcomes for our members such as a considerable financial settlement for a long term casual worker who worked regular rostered hours for many years, reclassification and significant back pay for members in Local Government and Taswater, significant back pay for a crew of Local Government members in recognition of a long term underpayment and positive outcomes in a number of Unfair Dismissal Conciliations, just to name a few.


With members in Local Government, Social and Community Services, Private Clerical, Airlines and Call Centres, the ASU in Tasmania is focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our valued members across all of our coverage areas.


In addition to the work that we do directly with our members, the ASU holds a seat at the Tasmanian Union Leadership table which provides us the opportunity to work collaboratively with Unions Tasmania and the broader Tasmanian union movement to ensure that the ASU plays an active role in all things Union in Tasmania.


Tasmania now has two ASU Delegates representing the interests of Tasmanian Members on the ASU Branch Executive. Jan Wrigley (TasWater) and Andrew Bayes (George Town Council) are ensuring that ASU’s Tasmanian members now have excellent representation when it comes to the important decisions made at Branch Executive level.


Legal advice for Tasmanian ASU members has a new face with Tasmanian legal firm Simmons Wolfhagen now offering a state wide service to all of our members. Simmons Wolfhagen provide ASU members with a free Will as well as a free initial consultation, and discounted advice, on a broad range of legal matters. They also offer a No Win / No Fee arrangement on Workers Compensation claims. Please contact the ASU if you require additional information or a referral.


Other ASU highlights over recent months have been;

  • Participating in the successful Braddon By-election campaign with the assistance of star ASU Delegate Andrew Bayes who accepted a secondment to the ASU for 4 weeks to work on the campaign with Unions Tasmania.
  • 2018 Tasmanian Labor Party Conference – ASU Motions moved regarding the prioritisation of Tasmanian Jobs and Funding of Mental Health programs in Tasmania.
  • Successful Delegate/Active Member Forums in the North and South of the state – ( Stay tuned for details for forums across the state in November and December! )
  • Four awesome female ASU delegates participating in the 2018 Anna Stewart program and an impressive delegation of Tasmanian ASU women at the 2018 Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference.
  • A high number of active members converting to Delegates, resulting in excellent participation in our Delegates training courses.


Would you like us to visit your workplace? If so please contact us to arrange a visit. We always welcome the opportunity to attend team meetings and workplace inductions across all ASU coverage areas.


It’s extremely important to us that ASU information reaches all of our members so please make sure that we have your correct contact details by giving the ASU Member Contact Centre a call on 1300 855 570.

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