The last week of the month, ASU delegates from a wide range of industries spent 3 days at the ASU office completing their 3 days of part 1 Delegate training. The delegates, mostly new delegates received an overview on ASU structure, who was who within the branch and that the union was the members. The 3 days were full of new information and many guest speakers such as Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin who was actually on holidays but was still committed to come by and update the delegates on the VIC/TAS branch and thank them for putting their hand up, because as we say- delegates are diamonds and without delegates we have no union!

The Unions Tasmania Secretary Jess Munday, informing delegates about the ACTU campaign and what drives her each and every day- The way we are going, we will be the first generation in HISTORY that will leave the next generation ( our children) with WORSE off industrial relation laws. Insecure, casual or contract work will be the norm with low pay, pretty average work conditions and without taking some major action NOW,  having a permanent full time job with long service leave, sick leave and decent conditions will be a luxury.

Mick Van Beek who is the OH&S Officer and educated the delegates about the WHS Act, the difference between “WHS Officers” created by management compared to properly elected HSR and workgroups and the power of organising workplaces around WHS issues. This was truly powerful information! On the topic of workplace safety our ASU trainer Miriam gave an overview about bullying, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment, dispute resolution, the power of unity and numbers and the past 200 years of Union history in Australia.

ASU offered a movie night on the Wednesday evening of a quite heartbreaking and realistic movie, I, Daniel Blake that bought a few tears to the room and if people already didn’t have their fire in their belly ignited- it sure was now!

Do you have a workplace delegate in your workplace? If you don’t and you feel like you are the person that people naturally go to for advice, are a workplace leader, or with some training could have the confidence to do so- or even better a delegate and deputy delegate working together with members in your workplace- please reach out to your organisers and let’s chat about the process!  The ASU are dedicated to offering part 1 and 2 delegate training twice a year throughout the state and look forward to you or we as organisers might tap you on the shoulder if we feel you would be a great workplace delegate or contact person.

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