Last week the ASU lodged an application in the Fair Work Commission to defend six members who are facing redundancy.

A month ago, six ASU members who work in Facilities Management were told their positions will be abolished. Council has made the decision to outsource essential maintenance work and replace small local contractors, with one big conglomerate service provider. This decision will cost six direct Wyndham jobs and many indirect jobs with local contractors.

The ASU has been fighting to stop this privatisation of essential maintenance work and save members jobs. We have been meeting with management and seeking for them to undertake a ‘best value’ review prior to making the decision to outsource work. We know that a comprehensive ‘best value’ review will reveal that outsourcing of work will cost Council more and result in a less responsive service for the community.

Management, in breach of the enterprise agreement, are persisting in this decision and have issued an ‘Invitation to tender’ to big conglomerate service providers.

The ASU will fight this decision in the Fair Work Commission and is seeking to have the tender withdrawn and the jobs protected.

We encourage you to spread the word amongst your colleagues and send Council a message that we won’t let them cut local jobs.

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