On Thursday afternoon the ASU took VicRoads to the Fair Work Commission over concerns we have about the future of Registration & Licensing. With the transition of non R&L staff to Department of Transport, ASU members are concerned about what will happen to the remainder of VicRoads, and the lack of consultation about this.

Back in April we wrote to Premier Andrews, Treasurer Pallas, and Ministers Allan and Pulford asking them to categorically rule out any future outsourcing or privatisation of R&L, and NONE of them have responded. Their refusal to rule this out has been a cause of serious concern for the Union, and there has been much speculation and rumour about what the future holds.

A few weeks ago, staff at a CSC received an email from Management stating that “At this stage a date has not been finalised for any formal transition of R&L to the Department of Transport”, and also directing R&L staff to change their email signature to include “Part of the Department of Transport” at the bottom. At no stage has VicRoads or the Government raised any of this with the ASU.

This lack of consultation is just not good enough, and is in breach of the obligations set out in VicRoads EA8. This was the basis for our dispute at FWC.

Appearing before Deputy President Masson on Thursday, the parties agreed that ASU would write to the VicRoads CEO with a series of questions about exactly what is planned for the future of R&L, and what plans and/or reviews are already underway. Should ASU remain unsatisfied with the answers we receive, we will have the matter re-listed before the Deputy President to try to resolve the impasse.

With that in mind, we are seeking feedback from members about the kinds of concerns you have in regards to the future of R&L.

Please submit any questions by email to ASU Organiser Matt Price at mprice@asuvictas.com.au by no later than COB next Thursday 8 August.

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