The Australian Services Union together with other unions has taken Qantas to the High Court over the airline’s misuse of JobKeeper which has seen many workers ripped off their pay after working public holidays, weekends and overtime. 

The fundamental argument is that employers should not be able to use JobKeeper to pay penalties, which is how JobKeeper was designed in the first place. 

Instead, Qantas has been gaming the system so that it can avoid paying penalties to workers. This has cost many workers more than $10,000 since the JobKeeper scheme started. The Federal Court in September agreed Qantas should pay workers for the shifts they worked but a later court judgement backed the airline. 

We are asking the High Court to put a stop to this wage theft and return the money into the pockets of Qantas workers. 

Emeline Gaske, Assistant National Secretary of the Australian Services Union said that the way Qantas has pocketed money that should be paid to workers for overtime and penalties is totally unconscionable. 

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