More than a year after the Fire Services Reform Act was passed, CFA finally got around to commencing consultation around the proposed transition of staff to FRV.

Incredibly, they still cannot tell us who is impacted by this. Despite all our efforts, months and months of discussions, no one can tell us which staff members will be transferred to the new entity.

This is the most shambolic, disrespectful, and chaotic consultation process we have ever seen around a machinery of government change, and it beggars belief that any Union could be expected to sign off on it.

So on Thursday, we took CFA to the Fair Work Commission, seeking that some sort of meaningful consultation process. We didn’t get everything we wanted, but the agreed outcomes are as follows;

  1. The CFA will provide the ASU with information about the individual employees and roles directly affected by the transfer from CFA to FRV as soon as possible after CEO approval;
  2. The CFA will wait for at least 24 hours after providing the information in 1. above to the ASU before it sends affected employees a letter about the effect of the change on their employment.
  3. The Frequently Asked Questions material prepared by the CFA for the information of employees will include information about how employees can contact the ASU if they have queries or concerns in relation to the transfer from CFA to FRV and its effect on them.
  4. The parties will meet twice each week to consult over the change in accordance with clause 11 of the Enterprise Agreement.
  5. To facilitate a meeting schedule, the CFA will provide the ASU with its proposed implementation timeframe before it is finalised as well as an opportunity to provide input into when the meetings should occur.
  6. The ASU will be able to participate in review processes involving individual employees, either as representative/support person (in the case of members) or independent observer (in the case of non-members).
  7. The matter will be listed for report back to the Fair Work Commission at 9.15am on 18 June 2020 by telephone.

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