Be under no illusion, this is going to be a tough bargain and there is a lot at stake!

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Tabcorp provided a vague log of claims including a claim for changes to the classification structure and remuneration, without much detail.

Previously the Company put forward draft clauses on:

  • Consultation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Individual Flexibility Agreements
  • Salary sacrifice.

There was discussion on these clauses, and the Company put forward clauses on:

  • Leave
  • Public holidays
  • Breaks
  • Termination
  • Redundancy
  • Union delegates

The common theme, with some exceptions, was that your employer wants to:

  • Adopt clauses stripped back to the basics, closely aligning to the National Employment Standards (‘NES’):
  • Move Agreement entitlements into policy and out of the Enterprise Agreement.
  • Restrict access to the disputes procedure to matters under the Enterprise Agreement or the NES.

The ASU has firmly stated that the disputes procedure should include ‘any other matter arising from the employment relationship’ (current wording of the Bytecraft Systems Agreement 2014).

Your employer wants to move from 6 state-based agreements and to one national agreement, and remove lots of your conditions and entitlements.

The Company’s preference is to put entitlements into policy. Policy is always at risk of being altered unilaterally by the Company and can be difficult if not impossible to enforce.

Members need to stick together. There are a lot of participants, with various positions and claims.

Now is the time for the employee group to be united around common goals. You need a strong united voice.

Ask your colleagues to join the ASU via

For further information please contact your ASU Delegates Phillip Lindsay and Kieran Halpin.

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