Over the past few years the ASU has fought hard for a viable, thriving psychosocial mental health sector in Victoria.

We have done this at the same time as the Victorian and Australian governments have been deliberately de-funding this sector.

Recognising the damage that has been done to the mental health system in this state, last year the Victorian Government announced a royal commission focusing on the mental health system.

The ASU has worked with members who work within the mental health system and has made a submission to the royal commission.

You can download a copy of our submission here.

This is just one part of the on-going fight to make sure Victorians have access to a mental health system that provides early intervention, psychosocial support, and doesn’t just focus on the clinical system. This needs to occur in a way that provides well paid and secure employment for the workers within this system.

For further information contact:
ASU Assistant Branch Secretary Leon Wiegard | lwiegard@asuvictas.com.au

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