In 2019 when Hobsons Bay City Council outsourced their home care services, they refused to pay redundancies to staff even where the ASU told them that our members were entitled to it.

Along with five ASU members who did not transfer to the new provider, the ASU launched legal action in the Federal Court of Australia to enforce this entitlement. Many other members would have fought with them but accepted the substandard jobs with the new employer because they couldn’t afford to lose their income. This is the damage HBCC did with their decision to outsource those jobs.

Hobsons Bay management and their lawyers used every tactic they could to avoid paying the redundancies, including by making an application the Fair Work Commission to vary your current Enterprise Agreement to re-write history and deny those low paid members their entitlements. If the FWC had agreed to the variation requested, those members would not have been able to access the redundancy payments.

The ASU successfully fought and won at the FWC, and Hobsons Bay City Council has now paid $154,000 to the five ASU members.

You can view the FWC decision here.

This case shows yet again why it’s important to stand together as one, and not accept attacks on our working conditions. It is also a reminder of the damage that outsourcing does to workers and their lives. Forward this to a non-member today and ask them to join the ASU via

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