Australian Services Union is by your side, especially during Covid lockdown. The Ballarat Lockdown means that work must be reviewed and revised. The hazards of working in a lockdown can change daily.

Workers are protected by Occupational Health & Safety Act Vic 2004. Your union is here to support you with your health and safety especially in these times.

Employers must provide workers with safe systems and must consult with you. A safer system means you are less likely to become ill.

What are the controls?

The employer can set up bubbles, groups, teams that are isolated from each other. Your employer must not direct workers to move between the bubbles. Your employer needs to set up separate spaces in the car park, lunchrooms, toilets and any other facilities.

The State Government has set up a Permit system for workers on the frontline.  If you are directed to work in the community then your employer must apply to the government to get you a permit. The employer is responsible for saying what hours you need to be on the road and for explaining the rules to you. You must follow the instructions on the permit. Your employer cannot direct you to work outside the permit. Carry it with you.

If you can isolate from Covid then you must. Working from home reduces the risk of you being exposed to the virus.

Your employer must do a risk assessment. If safety gear like masks are required then they must supply the right ones. If you are directed to wear PPE then you need to follow that instruction.

ASU is by your side if you need information, support and advice for your health and safety.

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