Covid-19 has brought home why it is so important to be in the union.

Issues like job security, income, protection of entitlements and occupational health and safety have confronted millions of workers.

We have worked to keep members in jobs, addressing their concerns about safety and pushing for more funding for jobs for our members.

Our numbers have been growing strongly in recent weeks which is great news because your membership of the union is stronger, the more people we have on the team.

With such strong interest in joining, we’ve launched a recruitment competition.

Every person you sign up gets you one ticket in the draw to win a $50 voucher monthly prize. If you win, the person you recruit to the union will win a $50 voucher too.

And four prizes of $500 will be available for those who sign up the most members between now and 30 September.

We all win from having more members in the union because the bigger we are, the stronger we are.

It could never be a more important time to be in the union.

If you are not yet a member of the union and want to join…

Simply enter your details, and the details of the workmate who suggested you join the union, into the form below.

You will then be redirected to our online membership form. Your workmate will enter a prize draw for introducing you to the union, if they win you will win too.

By joining, you’ll be making the Australian Services Union even more effective because the bigger we are, the stronger we are.

Recruitment Prize Draw

  • Your workmate who asked you to join the union


When you click to submit you will be diverted to the union’s “join” page and once that is completed your workmate will go in the draw.



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