Thank you for your feedback about Council’s Enterprise Agreement offer.  On the endorsement of members, your union is encouraging all employees to VOTE NO.

Voting will open on April 26 and close on May 1.  A NO VOTE is your chance to send a message to Council to come back to the bargaining table to improve the offer and resolve employee concerns.

Some of these concerns are summarised below:

  • Back pay is only applicable from 1 May 2021. It is not applicable from 1 May 2020 (the date Council applied the wage freeze from).
  • Higher Duties has been capped at 6 months which is inconstant with the Industry Award safety net.  The wording has also been changed to stipulate that Higher Duties will be paid when offered.  The previous clause outlined payment on being ‘required or directed’ to perform work.
  • Refusal to include ASU job security clauses that seek to address the unfair use of labour hire
  • Refusal to include in the current EA ability to review permanent part-time contracts and increase contracted hours where there is a systematic and continuous patterns of hours
  • Reduction in conditions for future employees- capping of redundancy payments to 60 weeks
  • Adverse/ Objectionable Conditions allowance claim has only been partially recognised
  • Areas of concern remaining as reserved matters during the life of the agreement

For an updated summary of the status of all ASU claims in this offer, you can view the ASU Log Tracker here.

We recommend all members read carefully the new Enterprise Agreement and the Summary of Key Changes distributed by Council before voting.

If you have any questions of concerns, please reach out to ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor on 0459 228 612 or

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