Following on from the last newsletter, your delegates and organisers have met with Gavin Cator to progress the negotiations.  

The ASU made it abundantly clear that the wages offer was inadequate.  

Gavin has been facilitating discussions between the parties – as a consequence of this we have seen an increase in the wages offer in Year 1 only from $40 to $50 per week. 

The wages offer is:

Year 1 – 3% or $50 whichever is greater (For those on Bands 6A and below the $50 per week equates to a greater increase then the percentage) 

Year 2 – 2.5%, $34 or 85% of the rate cap 

Year 3 – 2.5%, $35 or 85% of the rate cap 

We have gone back to Gavin to advise that although the dollar amount in year 1 has been improved, it still falls short of what our members are prepared to accept, this is especially evident in the subsequent years wage offer. 

Through Gavin we have provided this feedback and hope council again improve the wages offer.  If it still falls short of members’ expectations then we will proceed to industrial action.  

If you have any questions about this information please contact your ASU delegates or organiser Shane Lumsden |  


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