Following concerns raised by members regarding changes being made to the Mowing crew, your ASU representatives raised your issues at Consultative Committee which resulted in a meeting with management to work through them. 

The issues included: 

  • Recent changes to the rounds including the length, sites and changes to the way labour hire staff are being used – causing workload and employment security concerns. 
  • Requirement to use an electronic system to report work 
  • A ‘name-and-shame’ board being introduced into the office, publicly ranking staff and their work progress.  

Following raising these matters, we have had a win with the name-and-shame board now changed to remove individual staff’s names.  

In response to the changes to rounds: we were able to have management confirm that this work is ongoing and is a result of being able to better map the rounds following the new iPad system. The intention is to make the rounds more balanced and create a workload that is achievable (and takes into account RDOs, training etc.).

The use of labour hire is also being monitored more closely and has been condensed into one round- with this being important to making a case for creating a permanent role after ongoing need can be demonstrated. Management also reported that the use of labour hire staff has decreased after these changes.  

The important message from here is that consultation about the new rounds is still ongoing and if members find they are having any issues they can raise these directly or reach out to one of your delegates.  

We encourage affected staff to reach out if they have any other issues crop up or have any other questions about this feedback.  

For further information please contact:
Your ASU delegate or
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 | 

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