It’s time for ASU members to decide the future of their enterprise agreement. After more than a year of negotiations, we’ve reached a turning point in negotiations. Management have told us they’ve made their final offer and they want to put the agreement to a formal enterprise agreement approval ballot.

Only ASU members can decide if we accept management’s offer and support a ‘Yes’ vote or reject management’s offer and call for a ‘No’ vote. Cast your vote today in the ASU online member endorsement survey by clicking this link: 

Voting is open today and closes on Monday, 24 July 

What’s in management’s offer: 

  • Pay Increases: SCHDS Award Pay Increase plus 0.1%. In 2023 that’s 5.76%. 
  • A one-off payment (starting at $1700 for full-time CSD2.1) paid within one month of EA approval. 
  • A new classification structure, an ASU-NEAMI review of all classifications plus a commitment to joint advocacy where funding doesn’t align with correct classifications. 
  • More paid parental leave for primary and secondary carers plus super on all parental leave. 
  • Better support and leave arrangements for trans employees, Indigenous staff and people experiencing family and domestic violence. 
  • Study leave for career progression, even if it isn’t directly related to your role. 
  • Additional supervision and wellness leave for peer support workers. 

All NEAMI employees are welcome to complete the survey, but only ASU members will decide the outcome! Join the ASU today at and make your vote count!  

For further information please contact: 

ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla | 0437 035 721 |  

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