Now the dust is settling on EBA negotiations, it’s back to enforcing your working rights and conditions, and we haven’t wasted any time.

When will I get my pay rise?
The ASU has been chasing Council management since the vote, and got the following response:
“We will go ahead and process the back payment for the first $42/2.6% increase to July 2021 in the pay run on the 14 July whether or not the Commission has approved the agreement by then, and then we plan to process the further 2.1% increase after approval by the Commission, which we expect won’t be far away.”

We understood this would be processed once the Agreement was voted up. Perhaps another casualty of the inadequate MyPay system?

Neglect of injured workers
ASU met with HR and OHS management about concerns of a trend that sees victims of bullying at Moreland Council get abandoned or even threatened with termination.

If you experience bullying or harassment at Moreland Council, contact the ASU immediately.

Saturday morning library hours
Your Delegates and Organiser met with library management on 23 June regarding TiL on Saturday mornings. We are waiting on their response so for now we suggest not agreeing to anything until the available options are made clear!

Depot Consultative Committee
Depot management and the ASU met on 22 June (MUWU were invited but didn’t attend).

The ASU advocated for our members around:

  • Electronic devices for field staff (management will consult with ASU over the next 12 months around how this will be rolled out)
  • Booked hard-waste collections (long-term issue, but we want this back in house!)
  • Devices for HSRs
  • Emergency management procedures

ASU fights hard to protect our members. Ask a colleague to join today at

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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