ASU Organiser Luke Cherry met with members and other staff in Moonee Valley City Council Community Strengthening on Thursday 12 December and heard many of the concerns members have with the implementation of new systems.

A number of members were endorsed as ASU Delegates at the meeting. They are Jacqui Arney, Kevin Wilson & Shadwell Fernandez. They will now play an integral role in assisting the ASU officials to support and represent Union members from Community Strengthening throughout this challenging period and beyond. Well done.

On Thursday 19 December those ASU delegates and officials met with senior management from Community Strengthening to put concerns that have been raised on the table and propose a way forward that would improve consultation.

The main takes from this meeting are as follows:


  • A Community Strengthening consultative committee between the Union and management will be set up to meet monthly, with the first meeting to take place on 23 January 2020
  • An open team meeting will be arranged for Friday afternoon (20 December 2019) for staff to discuss their concerns directly with management if they want to
  • Management will provide step-by-step guides on how best to escalate technical and other issues
  • Where carers have ongoing issues with their tablet that they can’t resolve over the phone, they should bring it in and sit down with someone in person to work through the issues

Training Modules

  • All time spent doing training modules will be paid (it’s tracked through the system), and time can be made available during the day for staff to complete these if staff prefer that
  • The deadline of end December will only apply to high priority modules, and not completing modules by the due date will not adversely affect carers’ rosters or payments in any way
  • Management will confirm the priority training modules and advise carers

Tracking Jobs

  • Management will look into ways for you to track your shifts, such as a log of changes accompanying payslips
  • The system is and will continue to be updated constantly to improve location data to ensure jobs are allocated properly and carers aren’t being sent all over town, so keep letting them know of issues


  • OHS assessments will be completed first by assessment officers, then by team leaders over the phone, the involvement of carers is a follow-up ‘checklist’ mostly to verify what will already be noted from the earlier assessments
  • Where there is a client with a genuine need for continuity of care, carers should advise Team Leaders who it is and why they need the same carer (the system can accommodate this where reported)

The ASU will continue to work with management on behalf of our members in the new year. In the meantime please keep records of the issues you encounter, escalate them through the appropriate channels (see above), and if you can’t get them resolved let us know.

For further information please contact: One of your new Delegates listed above or
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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