Berry St have commenced the process to bargain for a new enterprise agreement and your bargaining team will be meeting with management soon.  

Your enterprise agreement is where your main workplace conditions and pay over the next few years come from. 

To have the best chance at improving your pay and conditions, you need to have a well unionised workplace and that involves taking an active role in these negotiations.  

Over the next few months your bargaining team will be holding many meetings and asking for feedback and input. It’s important that we hear from you because we are representing all members when we meet with management. 

The first step for us is to draft a “Log of Claims”, which is just a short list of the main conditions we want to see in the next enterprise agreement.  

We will be holding our first Eenterprise bargaining meeting to discuss the log of claims. We will also be launching a member survey after this meeting that will be asking members for feedback and input into what they want to see in the next enterprise agreement.  

Member Meeting 

DATE: Thursday 12 October
Meeting will be hosted on MS Teams. Click here to join the meeting  

We need as many members as possible to have a successful bargaining process so keep talking to your colleagues and let them know to join so that they can be involved. It’s easy for anyone to join online at  

For further information please contact one of your delegates or 
ASU organiser Kerman Daruwalla |  

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