Social and Community Services workers who work part-time, on-call, broken shifts, or are likely to be recalled to work will all have enhanced conditions of work from the 1 July, 2022.

ASU Members around the country contributed to the ASU National case I the Fair Work Commission to seek fairer conditions of work. A number of witnesses, including ASU members from Victoria, provided witness statements on the difficulties associated with recall to work and the impost these conditions had on their personal lives.

Whether you are employed under an Enterprise Agreement or under an Award, these improvements lift the minimum threshold conditions for the industry.

The Fair work Commission agreed that improvements were needed.

In summary, some of the improvements are:

  • Part-time workers will now be able to seek a variation to their guaranteed hours if they have worked more than their guaranteed hours for over twelve months.
  • Community Services workers (except Disability workers) minimum shift will be three hours.
  • On-call allowance for availability to work will attract an allowance of $20.63 for any 24 hours period and $40.84 for any 24 hours period on a Public Holiday.
  • Broken Shifts will attract an allowance of $17.53 per broken sift and $23.20 if there are two unpaid breaks.
  • Fairer arrangements for shift cancellations that include compensation if alternative hours cannot be provided
  • Improved provisions for 24-hour care
  • Remote work new stipulation’s about minimum rates
  • Soiled Clothing ( other than uniforms) will attract a laundry allowance

Your union advocates for workers’ rights, at the workplace, in the State and Federal parliaments and in the Fair Work Commission every day.

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