ASU members at Derwent Valley Council were willing to walk off the job to get a better deal.

Their resolve was enough to get council management to come back with a better offer that addressed many of their concerns.

The overwhelming majority of ASU members had previously voted in favour of taking protected industrial action.

It was a last resort after the council was unwilling to budge in enterprise agreement negotiations on some things that mattered to ASU members.

At workplace meetings across the council, ASU members decided on a 4-hour stop-work last week.

But even before taking industrial action and walking off the job, council management came back with a better offer, and they will soon vote on whether to accept the proposed enterprise agreement.

ASU members at Derwent Valley Council are now on the cusp of winning real improvements in their pay and conditions because they stood together, were determined, and were willing to take industrial action.

Workers at Derwent Valley Council have shown what can be achieved with resolve and strength through sticking together

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