After nine months of negotiations failed to get a satisfactory offer from management, ASU members have voted in favour of taking protected industrial action to try and get a better deal.

The ballot asked members if they supported 36 different forms of industrial action, and each item was overwhelmingly endorsed by the membership.

Bargaining continues

On 28 October the ASU provided details of what it would take to get a deal done (a fair pay increase, reducing labour hire, supporting staff if they get contracted out and not taking away end of band leave).

Bargaining reps met again on 12 November, the day after the ballot results came out. Neither the CEO nor Director bothered to come to the meeting themselves but instead instructed HR to tell the unions that their claims were once again rejected.

They have made a farce of bargaining at every turn, dragged it out, lied about the conduct of the unions, and continuously asked for input before rejecting what we say.

The disdain with which these ‘leaders’ view their own staff and their unions is breathtaking!

What next?

ASU Delegates and Officials will now work with members on how and when to implement the bans.

What’s clear is that ASU members have had enough and are ready to fight against this oppressive management regime.

We say NO to our leave provisions being taken away, we say NO to sub-standard pay increases, and we say NO to the way current ‘leadership’ are running our Council.

Not a member?

If you are not an ASU member and want to participate in this action, now is the time to join! You can join online at or email or an ASU Delegate to get involved!

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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