After increasing frustrations with enterprise bargaining, culminating in a sub-standard agreement being put to staff and resoundingly voted down, ASU members at GRLC instructed their Union that they wanted to take industrial action to get a better deal and more respect from their employer.

The ASU has now lodged with the Fair Work Commission seeking a protected action ballot take place as soon as the Australian Electoral Commission can arrange it, allowing ASU members to vote to undertake protected industrial action in pursuit of a more reasonable agreement offer.

What happens next?

We now wait until the AEC can schedule and conduct the vote. At that time, every ASU member will get to vote on each proposed work ban that members have come up with. Every ban that the majority of members vote to support, they will be protected in undertaking.

AEC will rely on the address information provided by the ASU and GRLC, so if you have moved address and not updated your details, please do so immediately by calling 1300 855 570 or emailing If your address details are not up to date you may not get to vote!

ASU members will then decide which bans they put on, and when. This will take place at ASU member meetings, so make sure you attend!

Will management target ASU members?

Protected industrial action is a protected workplace activity. ASU members cannot be discriminated against or targeted for this. If you or someone else is experiencing this, contact the ASU office immediately.

If you are feeling harassed by GRLC or your manager in relation to whether you will (or will not) undertake protected industrial action, contact the ASU office immediately.

GRLC may distribute information designed to scare or intimidate you. If you receive this information, ensure that your local ASU Delegate has a copy of it and we will take the necessary action to ensure ALL ASU members are safe at work as they undertake this regrettable but necessary course of action.

Can staff who are not ASU members vote or take protected industrial action?

No, only ASU members will be given the opportunity to vote (we provide details to the AEC, not to your employer), and only ASU members will be protected in implementing the work bans.

If you know someone who wants to be involved but who is not an ASU member, let them know that now is the time to join!

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