Your ASU Industry Organiser and Campaign Organiser have been meeting with your delegates weekly to check in what is happening within your council and how this may be affecting members on the ground.

Your Industry Organiser and ASU Delegates Maree Renden and Rob Monohan have also been attending weekly CEO briefings as part of the broader consultation process your council is obligated to do with regards to changes within your workplace.

Although your council has done the right thing and kept all employees employed and paid, they have now indicated that they may need to make some changes to your working conditions. This is worrisome as the Federal Government made some changes to the Fair Work Act which now makes it easier for employers to do this and now only required to provide employees 24hrs notice of a vote to change your conditions.

The ASU can confirm that we have now received official notification from Wyndham to advise that they want to vary your EBA and put it out to the vote with regards to your pay increase. It would mean no pay increase in July 2020 and where the reduction in income to Council at 31 December 2020 is less than 15 per cent, the 2.3% or $30 pay increase will be applied from 1 January 2021, payable on the first pay in January 2021.

We have a CEO Briefing tomorrow and will be discussing this further, however, no pay increase will have an effect on the increases to your allowances as they are linked in the EBA.

The ASU does not support any decision by council to not pass on pay increases to members and if Council decides to put this proposal out to the vote to our members then we will be strongly encouraging all members to vote No.

We have also been advised that members have started receiving emails from their managers about the following:

  • Members being asked to take their leave. Annual leave is to be taken at such times mutually convenient to the employer and employee and there should be a discussion as per your EBA. Members can have 8 weeks leave balance before an employer can request you put a plan in place to take the leave.
  • Members being asked to take long service leave is to be taken at any time which is mutually acceptable to the employee and Council.
  • There will be no increments paid to members. This information is in breach of your EBA which clearly states what is required to be undertaken to move from one level to the next within the Band.
  • Members being asked to consider purchased leave, whilst it is great Council are offering this more widely to members there should not be any undue influence placed on members to apply for this type of leave.

So the main thing to remember is if you are feeling any undue pressure to do any of the above or being told any other things you don’t think may be right, make sure you contact an ASU delegate or Organiser.

Win for Casuals
Now for some positive news, there have been a number of casuals who have had their employment converted to permanent ongoing employment across all areas within Council thanks to the great work of your delegates. So well done.

New Delegates and Recruitment 2020
This year we have now recruited 3 new delegates, Sandy Forster, Sherri Sparrow and Paul Buxton and we thank them for stepping up. We have also had 27 new members join the ASU at your workplace this year. What a great effort.

By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU at we will have a stronger voice for workers at Wyndham City Council.

Update your contact details
It is vital that we have contact details for you such as mobile phone number, email and updated address so please make sure you contact the ASU to update your details.

We will keep members fully updated and informed so please keep an eye out on your emails or phone for further updates and if you have any questions or concerns please contact one of your delegates below or ASU Organiser:

Dianne Johnson |
Emilia Pavlovic |
Mandy Carter |
Maree Renden |
Paul Buxton |
Peter Eley |
Rob Monohan |
Robert Parkes |
Sandy Forster |
Sherri Sparrow |
Timothy Francis |

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Emma Bagg |

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