ASU members at ERMHA have alerted us to the fact that a ‘Grey Fleet’ is being considered for introduction.

ERMHA management has framed this as a request from employees, however ASU members have expressed concerns about the implications of this change and how it could affect them financially, and in terms of safety.

The ASU is pleased that ERMHA has committed to consultation and ASU delegates will ensure that the working group is reflective of the concerns raised by our members, and make sure that ERMHA management understands that this proposed change is not supported by most of its employees.

ASU delegates and members at ERMHA have raised numerous concerns about this change including around insurance implications – particularly for P plate drivers-, privacy concerns, safety concerns and costs to employees if required to upgrade their vehicles to meet ERMHA standards.

This matter requires serious discussion and ERMHA management must take seriously these concerns and address them if this change is to be implemented. The ASU is committed to representing members interests throughout this consultation process and onwards through the staff consultative committee.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to ASU delegates Kim Alexander and Rick Addison for further discussion or contact ASU organiser directly with your feedback.

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