ASU members met last week and unanimously voted to reject the offer we had received from the VHIA on behalf of all your employers.

After protesting that the offer was unclear, the VHIA provided ASU bargaining representatives with 35 of the clauses in question. These have been reviewed and a response sent.

The ASU has put a counteroffer on wages and sought clarifications and new positions on as many as 12 clauses including Supervision, Long Service Leave, Ordinary Hours of Work, Progression and Public Holiday Substitution where there remain significant differences in positions or no clear position has put by the employer.

The wage offer is inadequate.  It is likely there will be an absorption of 3% of the initial 4 % increase from 1 July and of subsequent increases. Our aim has always been to gain wage increases that provide a better than Award outcome. This is not likely with the offer as it stands.

As discussed we remain concerned that your employers might put out an Agreement to vote in advance of reaching agreement with your representatives. We need to be ready to run a ‘No’ campaign.

How can you help?  Talk to members and staff employed under this agreement, particularly non-members.

Thank you to reps and members for your work to date.

Ask your delegate how you can help if we run a ‘No’ vote. Explain to non-members why being a union member now is so critical.

For further information speak to your delegate about this newsletter. Don’t have one?  Now is an excellent time to recruit a delegate.

Want to hold a workplace meeting? Contact your delegate or organiser.

For further information and assistance please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570  or Lead Organiser Jane Karslake


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