In recent ASU member bulletins and meetings, we kept you informed about management’s final offer and the progress of ASU member claims during the EBA negotiations. Your votes and engagement through the confidential Neami National Enterprise Agreement ASU Member Survey Ballot and ASU member meetings played a deciding role in determining the next steps for us.

ASU Member Endorsement Ballot Results

ASU delegates have been negotiating for over a year and now think we have the best offer that we are going to be able to win at the negotiation table.

We made substantial gains and the offer included:

  • Pay Increases: SCHDS Award Pay Increase plus 0.1%. In 2023 that’s 5.76%.
  • A one-off payment (starting at $1700 for full-time CSD2.1) paid within 1 month of EA approval.
  • A new classification structure, an ASU-NEAMI review of all classifications plus a commitment to joint advocacy where funding doesn’t align with correct classifications.
  • More paid parental leave for primary and secondary carers plus super on all parental leave.
  • Better support and leave arrangements for trans employees, indigenous staff and people experiencing family and domestic violence.
  • Study leave for career progression, even if it isn’t directly related to your role.
  • Additional supervision and wellness leave for peer support workers.

We have asked members to have their say over the last week and the results are in – an overwhelming majority of ASU members support the proposal.

Next steps

We will advise management there is in-principle agreement to the offer from ASU members.

The official legal process will now take place – that will involve a vote of all workers. You will be provided with the draft agreement to review by management before being asked to vote. We will keep members updated as we get more information as to when this process will commence.

We encourage each one of you to become an active member of the ASU. Join the ASU today at and if you are already a member ask three of your coworkers to join!

Contact your local organiser for more information or to arrange a local union meeting.
Branch Contact        Contact Number

  • NSW/ACT Madeleine Feledy 0448 131 163
  • VIC/TAS Kerman Daruwalla 0437 035 721
  • QLD Stuart Maggs 0439 713 803
  • SA Daniel Spencer 08 8363 1322
  • WA Yvonne Klaa 0417 969 767
  • NT Julie Fraser 0439 315 977
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