As anticipated, it has been confirmed that Star Health, Connect Health and Central Bayside CHS have decided to merge.

ASU members met on March 29 and agreed to hold conversations with staff about likely issues that might arise over time through the merge, identify additional delegates and discuss the role of their role as unionists throughout the merge process.

The meeting resolved that the ASU should write to your employers and recommend that a three centre staff consultative committee be established to ensure employee issues are heard and considered throughout this process.

Please see the letter sent to your CEO below.
Central Bayside Community Health Service
Connect Health
Star Health

We will update you when we learn more.

Now is the time to organise, talk to your colleagues about the importance of union membership and ask them to join the ASU today via

Discussions at our meeting centred on the importance of ASU members all working to ensure that they can speak throughout this process with a strong and clear voice. All members can take small steps to support their workplace representatives as outlined above. Your delegates will need your support throughout this process and we have encouraged them to actively seek new delegate nominations to ensure there are at least initially two-three delegates for each centre.

Please contact your delegates if you have any questions about this newsletter.

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