All members should have had their 9-Day fortnight ADO entitlement reinstated as agreed with Council.

EBA bargaining Update.

ASU will be raising this matter of when new EBA negotiations will commence at the next staff Consultative committee meeting.

ASU will also be conducting a new EBA survey for all members to complete in preparation for a new proposed Log of Claims.

Your ASU delegates team meet regularly to discuss ongoing matters affecting members including EBA discussions.

We do have a strong ASU Delegates working team across most areas of Council but we are underrepresented in some areas.

If you are interested in representing your area and want some more information in regard to the Delegates role please contact one of the other delegates or 1300 855 570

The ASU, as always, is BY YOUR SIDE.

Not a member? Check out the benefits of being an ASU member and join Benefits – ASU Victoria & Tasmania (

If you would like further information please contact your ASU Delegate or contact 1300 855 570

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