The ASU members meeting for those in Local Government Community Care and Residential Care is two weeks away. It will be a good opportunity to understand industry changes and your role in keeping aged care council.

DATE: Wednesday 3 November
TIME: 4pm – 5pm
MEETING ID: 969 7377 7043
PASSWORD: 045490

Delegates request this meeting to be paid. Any issues with this please contact ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer.

If you don’t have a delegate in your workplace, consider nominating one or yourself. In lieu of a delegate, members can also request paid time to attend.

Meeting Agenda

  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Vision Super and Maurice Blackburn
  • Update on industry changes post Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety
  • Update on councils looking to privatise community care services
  • ASU campaign for Home Care Package take up
  • Social media campaign and members role
  • Climate change and home care
  • Vaccination and COVID 19

Non-members are invited but won’t be paid to attend and cannot vote on decisions ASU members wish to make. Ask a non-member to join online today via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | 0490 450 169 |

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