The delegate team at the Brotherhood of St Laurence has shown that with membership growth, delegate activism, and a united front, positive change can happen for workers.

Over the last few months Local Area Coordinators (LACs) at the Brotherhood of St Laurence have been working hard to resolve their excessive workloads and unrealistic KPIs.

To address these issues, the ASU ran a round of worksite meetings to tease out the detail and get a common understanding of the issues.

It was apparent that most LAC workers were being impacted, but that nothing was being done to address members’ concerns.

Through the meetings, existing members were heartened with lots of new joins! Delegate numbers have more than doubled, ensuring better coverage across more worksites. Delegates have strengthened their delegate network.

Determination of the delegates to grow membership and activism has seen many positive changes for workers at Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Delegates have successfully gained a commitment from management to review the KPIs and resultant workloads. In addition, they have negotiated the setup of a working group to discuss the introduction of flexible working arrangements.

The ASU is aware that LACs in other organisations are likely facing similar issues as the workers at Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Skilled ASU organisers can assist you to work through any similar issues and members are strongly encouraged to call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 to discuss an organiser visit.

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