More than 170,000 Victorians jammed Melbourne’s CBD to demand workers get their fair share recently.

ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin said “We’ve never been more united or stronger as a union. The system is broken, the game is rigged and we are fighting to change the rules for Australian workers.

Thousands of ASU members attended from across all of our industries.

While union members receive pay and conditions much better than non-union employees, employers and corporate Australia have been the biggest beneficiaries of Australia’s economic prosperity.  Wage growth is at historic lows, while company profits are at historic high. The Banking Royal Commission has exposed many examples of corporate greed.

“Corporate Australia have had it too good for too long. A third of big business doesn’t pay any tax, and Morrison wants to hand out corporate tax cuts.  Enough is enough.”

“It’s time to get back to times when a decent day’s work earned a decent wage, and where you could rely on a permanent job” Ms Darmanin said.

ASU members can get involved at

See how ASU members helped Change the Rules here.

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