Each year the Tasmanian Legislative Council conduct Government Business Scrutiny Hearings, and the House of Assembly holds Estimates Hearings.

As a sign of the growing influence of the ASU, this year we provided information to these important parliamentary committees on Aurora Energy, TasWater, and the Local Government sector.

This is the first time the ASU has been formally invited to have input into these committees’ work. It is a valuable step forward in supporting our members in each of these sectors.

We have provided a written submission to the Scrutiny Committee on both Aurora Energy and TasWater. We have also met with the Labor Party’s local government spokesperson to discuss our concerns in this sector.

We have outlined concerns at Aurora Energy and TasWater, including issues around job security, culture and engagement, appraisal systems, ongoing restructures, Capital Delivery Office (TasWater).

On local government, we have raised concerns about job security, the lack of JobKeeper payments, the impacts of COVID-19 (on child care, sports and recreation services, tourism and other services provided by Councils), wage freezes, the skills gap in Councils and the opportunity to bring in trainees and apprentices, and the effect of individual local government organisations withdrawing from the visitor information centre network.

To follow up on our submission, the ASU has been invited to attend an informal meeting with the Scrutiny Committee to discuss our submission on Aurora Energy and TasWater.

The ASU is focused on delivering better outcomes for members, whether at the workplace or the Tasmanian Parliament

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