Every worker has a right to go to work without harassment or any kind of verbal or physical violence.

Employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace, but too often, it falls to an ASU Health and Safety Representative to keep workers safe.

VicRoads Licence Testing Officers often experience aggression from driving instructors when their clients fail a driving test.

Because VicRoads takes no real action to stop aggression from driving instructors, this kind of behaviour is commonplace.

Recently at one customer service centre, a driving instructor had been highly aggressive and abusive to testers and had twice refused to let the testers out of the car.

So an ASU delegate and Health and Safety Representative was forced to step in when management failed to keep workers safe.

She used her powers as a Health and Safety Representative and issued a written direction for VicRoads to address a contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety laws.

When the driving instructor’s employer learnt of their behaviour, the driving instructor was sacked.

We have called on VicRoads to update their process for drive tests so that in the event of this kind of incident, Licence Testing Officers will not be required to get into a vehicle with the instructor until an investigation has been completed.

Unfortunately, VicRoads has refused to agree and continues to place staff in danger.

VicRoads, like all employers, has a duty to provide a safe workplace – and ASU members are standing together to demand action, so they are safe at work.

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