Your representatives have been bringing the concerns of members to the Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) to discuss with management.

Their good work has led to;

  • A new emergency contact number for carers
  • Procura password issues resolved
  • Make-up pay shifts now identified on payslips as ‘Ordinary – Top-up Hours’.
  • Improvements to case management

Emergency phone number
ASU delegates and officials asked again to ensure there was easy access to office-based staff. It is a safety issue for offsite staff not to easily be able to contact supervisors, particularly during a pandemic.

Management has heard your concerns and set up an emergency phone line.

What are ‘Staff Consultative Committee Meetings’?
Meetings where workplace representatives, such as ASU delegates and organisers, can raise worker concerns about the application of your Enterprise Agreement, changes in policy, or other issues.

SCC meetings allow management and the ASU to collaboratively work through issues in the workplace and where possible reach agreement.

Who are your delegates?
Delegates are elected ASU workplace representatives. If you have issues at work, you can contact your delegate for advice. Your delegates are:

Alexandra Young |
Jing Fan |
Tammy Sultana |
Doris Vasquez |

Health and Safety Committee
You have two Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) for home care. They are Alexandra Young and Prosper Katharidis.

If you are aware of a safety issue at work, tell your HSR and your supervisor. HSRs have powers under the OH&S Act in every workplace in Victoria.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre |
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer |

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