ASU members at Moira Shire Council are sticking together in opposition to their employer’s attempts to reduce conditions and provide miserly increases in the next enterprise agreement. 

The ASU has been by these workers’ side the whole way. 

In support of these members, the ASU dragged Moira Shire to the Fair Work Commission just days before Christmas.  We got agreement from Moira management to delay the enterprise agreement ballot that was scheduled by Moira to run during the Christmas shut-down. 

Executive President Billy King and Deputy Secretary Michelle Jackson, with their long industrial experience, have both been up to support these workers and experienced ASU organisers have been working with members, delegates and the bargaining committee. 

ASU members at Moira Shire sticking together, for a fair pay rise and defending their conditions, is making a difference. 

Management’s proposed enterprise agreement was just weeks ago overwhelmingly rejected73.4% of workers that participated in the ballot voted NO to management’s offer. 

The ASU workplace delegates and the bargaining committee are as determined as ever to protect conditions and get a fair pay rise for workers at Moira. 

Because of the unity of ASU members at Moira, we are sure they will be successful.

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