ASU members at Kingborough Council are setting an example of how to step up and demand better from an employer who is trying to push a real wage cut onto workers.

They are determined to get a better deal, and when Kingborough wouldn’t agree to a fair pay rise, ASU members voted for industrial action.

This comes after years of Kingborough Council putting unacceptable offers to its employees that have been rejected three times in a ballot of all Kingborough staff.

ASU members, building on their successful stop-work action and display of ASU campaign materials, have just ramped up their industrial action.

Initially, the focus is on demonstrating to Kingborough management the invaluable role Kingborough’s employees play in the organisation and showing the determination of ASU members to get a better deal.

This ramped-up industrial action includes

  1. diverting or forwarding external phones calls and emails to members of the management team on Tuesdays,
  2. a ban on refuelling vehicles, trucks, plant or machinery on Thursdays, and
  3. Outdoor workers only taking their breaks at the Kingston and Bruny Island depots and not at other locations.

Like all workers who stand together and demand a fair deal, ASU members at Kingborough Council should be congratulated.

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