The ASU has written to Hobsons Bay City Council CEO Aaron Van Egmond on behalf of members at Council to advise him of the implementation of rolling work bans from mid-December.

You can read a copy of this letter, which includes a list of work bans here.

After negotiations broke down and staff overwhelmingly endorsed taking industrial action to try and reach a better deal, ASU members hoped management would have come back with a better offer. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

Instead, they doubled down and once more rejected the Union’s proposals. Proposals which they had asked us to come up with, and which in good faith we did.

ASU members now have no choice but to implement the bans they endorsed and show the ‘leaders’ at Hobsons Bay City Council that they are serious.

The first of these bans will be to stop work from 12:00pm – 1:00pm on Wednesday 11 December.

ASU members are encouraged to take their unpaid lunch break on either side of this hour to make the most of the stoppage, and we will be using the time to organise the other 19 work bans that will come into effect the following day.

This will be the first ‘wave’ of bans being implemented, with more likely to follow over the Christmas and January period if Council doesn’t improve their offer and start taking the concerns of their staff as seriously as they take putting million dollar water features into their buildings!

Only ASU members can participate in these work bans, but they will be fighting for improved pay and conditions for all staff at Hobsons Bay City Council.

If you are not a union member we need your support now. Join today at!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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