CFA members are feeling the pleasure of their success with 2.5% back pay now in their accounts, having received a backdated increase from the expiry of the former agreement, December 2020.

ASU CFA representatives stood up to secure back pay for CFA staff when a rollover agreement was proposed. Without their advocacy, back pay would not have been available.

ASU members and delegates are actively working to build a safer and more respectful workplace.

Recently a group of ASU members attended an ASU CFA Gendered Violence Training session delivered by the Victorian Trades Hall Council. Focused on improving gender equality in the workplace to reduce gender violence, the workshop looked at how gender inequality creates an environment that enables gendered violence.

The ASU’s recent survey showed over 60% of survey respondents did not regard their workplace as safe, with almost 80% of respondents saying that they believed that a lack of conformity to prescribed gender roles increased employees’ vulnerability.

ASU strategies proposed to address these issues through bargaining, such as increased access to workplace flexibility to provide care, improved access to career advancement through the use of secondments and a gender equality clause, achieved high approval.

We look forward to members endorsing a log of claims to guide bargaining in the near future.

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