It’s time for members to stand together for a better deal.

Last week a clear majority of ASU members at BCYF voted to proceed to commence a ballot for Protected Industrial Action.

After discussions with your ASU bargaining team members made the informed choice to stand firm and united in refusing the substandard offer made by management and moved a motion to proceed with lodging a Protected Action Ballot Order in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

The ASU office will now lodge the required paper work at the FWC asking to proceed to a postal ballot of ASU members. The ballot will include a list of forms of industrial action for members to vote on.

These range from:
Wearing campaign clothing and badges
Writing on BCYF vehicles and windows of worksites
Speaking to media and clients about the unfair deal
A ban on completing invoices
Stop Work meetings from 15 minutes up to 24 hours.

If you have moved or changed your postal address since becoming an ASU member please urgently contact the Member Contact Centre to update your details on 1300 855 570 to ensure your ballot paper is sent to the correct address.

In the next few weeks ASU members will receive their ballot papers in the mail from the Australian Electoral Commission. Every ASU member should take this opportunity to deliver a message to BCYF that you are not prepared to accept the inferior offer that has been made.

You can do this by voting ‘YES’ to the list of industrial actions.

Things to know about the ballot are:

  • Only current financial members of the ASU who are listed on our membership database working at BCYF are eligible to vote.
  • More than 50% of ASU members at BCYF must return a completed ballot paper. You have a short period of time to do this so when you get your ballot paper fill it in and return it STRAIGHT AWAY!!
  • The ballot will ask you to tick a single box ‘YES” or “NO” to confirm that you approve of taking industrial action.
  • Under that box will be a long list of different actions.

Please note that ticking “YES” does NOT mean that you will then have to do everything on that list – it just means that you will have multiple choices of actions you may choose to do as a collective group from the actions included on that list.  So if the ballot is successful with a majority of members voting in favour, each BCYF site can decide which bans/actions they are going to take from that list.

So vote “YES” in the industrial action ballot to stand up for EQUAL PAY!!

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