ASU members at Barwon Asset solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barwon Water, recently voted to hold a protected action ballot to look to take industrial action.

For some time now members at BAS have been trying to reach agreement with management about the contents of their new enterprise agreement.  While members agree that the state government wages offer is way too low the issue that members are most concerned about is where they are classified with most members at least a full band level below where they should be being paid.

ASU members at Barwon Asset Solutions do the vital work of keeping the water and sewage infrastructure in the Geelong region operational and are often working around the clock in all weather fixing water and sewer infrastructure.  It’s a pretty reasonable request that they get paid properly for this vital, skilled work.

The protected action ballot will happen over the next couple of weeks with the members prepared to take industrial action once the process has been completed. The ASU call on management at BAS, Barwon Water and the state government to work harder to resolve the reasonable demands of ASU members at BAS.

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